Pacha Collection favorites with a powerful twist

1.- The ultimate Maraschino dress by Poster Girl chosen by Dua Lipa
2.- Happy days begin with colorful and comfy underwear
3.- Camouflage weekend tote bag by Pacha’s Tox Collection
4.- Make a statement with this flat brim DJ Cap
5.- Golden finish Cherry skull earrings by Pacha’s tox Collection



#OOTD Day CLub

Destino Concept Store's Perfect Day Club Outfit

Find all these desirable pieces and many more at our Destino Concepts Shop located at the hotel lounge.

1.- Celebrity hatspiration
3.- If you’re going to take the iconic pic by the Cherry Pool, make your bikini flashy
2.- And then crown your style with a kimono dress
4.- An essential for your Ibicenco lifestyle
5.- Hip and funky straw basket
6.- Unscented Coola sunscreen spray for a safe tan
7.- Floral sandal wedges that go with everything


The Music Video Lifestyle

Destino Pacha Resort & Ibiza featured in the last music clip by David Bisbal & Juan Magan 'Bésame'

A beautiful sailboat, Es Vedrà, a villa and a sunset at Destino Pacha Resort… a dream of a lifestyle featured in a music video.


Anything Can Happen At Club Tox

Spanish band Dorian picks Club Tox to film the end of their latest music video

Destino Pacha Resort‘s private club has been the stage for the end of the latest music clip by Dorian – a Spanish band from Barcelona who’s distinctive sound is a mixture of styles such as new wave, electronic music and indie rock. Check our Club Tox calendar of events and live your own magic story.


QUOTING… Sebastian Gamboa

“Ibiza is there for you to explore, there are so many wonderful corners to discover”

He is a real island classic. Sebastian Gamboa gathers a perfect blend of locals, seasonal workers and jet-setters in his crowd as they all go crazy in the dancefloor for hours and hours. His music brings the best from the past decades of house music and some new hits that still remind us of that Balearic sound.


#OOTD Island Classics

Everything you need for a day in Ibiza - Find it at Destino Concepts Store

Find all these desirable pieces and many more at our Destino Concepts Shop located at the hotel lounge…

1.- As white as the island romper outfit from the Flower Power Collection by Ibiza designer Charo Ruiz
2.- Never lose them with your Nüs brand spectacle cord
3.- Palm tree print and golden necklace halter top Moeva bikini
4.- Day club fringed Moeva clutch,


QUOTING… Gianluca Vacchi

“Ibiza is beautiful in the summer and the light is always good for pictures."

He’s got that kind of utopian life that anyone could wish for, Instagram impeccable. And any life of that kind needs at least a dash of Ibiza in it… We found a few photos scrolling down his feed in Destino and Lío so we figured… “oh! He’s got some great taste -wink wink- let’s ask him a bit more about his island lifestyle and tips”.


Music On… and On!

Marco Carola thrives in parties that go from day to night and from night to day.

This season the party marathon is going to be possible in 7 special occasions! Marco Carola will invite his guest artists to play next to him at Music On Destino Pacha Parties from 5pm to midnight to continue with more guest artists all night long at Pacha Ibiza. We are talking about more than 12 hours of pure Carola style… So if you are a real party animal,


It’s always time to think about holidays!

Head up North and discover the island’s true laidback vibes

It is never too late! Anytime is perfect to think about your 2019’s trip to Ibiza. No need of thinking where to go when you are a true Ibiza Lover because you know your next trip to The While Island will be better than the last one!

Decide what would you like to do while in Ibiza.


Autumn in Ibiza

Summer for the ibicencos

Autumn in Ibiza. The time has come. The same way everyone else eagerly awaits August, we look forward to the Autumn. This is the real summer for ibicencos, those who were born here and those that call it home. The beautiful beaches are deserted, temperature is ideal, there’s no waiting list at the restaurants,


Destino Corner Wishlist

6 must haves to end this summer in style

Shopping at Destino Ibiza!

September is coming to an end but we’re still enjoying endless days of sun, salt and fun. Here is our wishlist for style sensation in clothing and accessories from one of our wonderful vacation shops: Destino Corner. Featuring Ibiza-inspired items by Pacha Collection,



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