Where did you get that mask?!

The day that dawned with mysterious masks around the pool...  

Welcome Pacha Ibiza’s part animal and part human Monday resident artist at THE MASQUERADE: CLAPTONE! 

What does Ibiza mean to you?
Ibiza is a multifaceted, picturesque paradise, where inspiration is aplenty and where souls come to intertwine. The deep relationship that the island has with the youth and music has made it one of the most sensational places on our planet. 


Destinomakers Guest Artists: APOLLONIA

Apollonia are Marco Carola's first guest artists to MUSIC ON Daytime at Destino

Since Apollonia was born in 2012, the Parisian trio has maintained a long-standing association with Ibiza and its party scene. Presenting a back2back2back spectaculaire, Apollonia deejay together for extended sets of five hours or more, following a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of the show.


Music On… and On!

Marco Carola thrives in parties that go from day to night and from night to day.

This season the party marathon is going to be possible in 7 special occasions! Marco Carola will invite his guest artists to play next to him at Music On Destino Pacha Parties from 5pm to midnight to continue with more guest artists all night long at Pacha Ibiza. We are talking about more than 12 hours of pure Carola style… So if you are a real party animal,


Those Crazy Summer Days (And Nights!)

Ibiza Tips & Stories.

Another season has come to an end and once again the beat has taken over us under the dome. We smiled at sunset and laughed at sunrise, the joie de vivre you practiced was even more perfect. And let’s not forget the sushi,


The Closing Party

A conversation with Marcus Worgull.

The buzz is reaching fever pitch as we get closer to saying goodbye to an amazing season with our day-to-night Closing Party. With great pleasure we will welcome Solomun, Dixon and yet another German gem from the Innervisions label, Marcus Worgull. This is what Marcus Worgull told us about time off in Ibiza,


August Events at Destino Ibiza

Poolside events in stunning natural surroundings.

August has just begun and we’re getting excited about one of the things we love the most: dancing outdoors as the sun goes down on balmy summer evenings. With stunning views of the Med and Formentera, it feels amazing to see how the orange sky darkens and historic Dalt Vila lights up as the music vibrates within you.


The Calvin Harris Pack

Party on Mars & Sleep at Destino…

We are excited­ to have one of the biggest names in electronic music play what are sure to be three of the most memorable parties of this Ibiza season. We are giving you the chance to see Calvin Harris at Pacha Ibiza and have a blissful stay at Destino Pacha Resort to recharge and relax.


#Destinomakers Festival Grand Opening Party

Sven Väth & Cocoon Open Air

Sven Väth will headline this #Destinomakers Festival Grand Opening and promises a relentless soundtrack by an exquisite selection of vinyl. He will share the opening celebrations with Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, the Swiss duo best known in the electronic music scene as Adriatique, Berlin’s own Dana Ruh as well as Cocoon favorite and seasoned selector Dorian Paic.



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