QUOTING… Sebastian Gamboa

“Ibiza is there for you to explore, there are so many wonderful corners to discover”

He is a real island classic. Sebastian Gamboa gathers a perfect blend of locals, seasonal workers and jet-setters in his crowd as they all go crazy in the dancefloor for hours and hours. His music brings the best from the past decades of house music and some new hits that still remind us of that Balearic sound.


QUOTING… Gianluca Vacchi

“Ibiza is beautiful in the summer and the light is always good for pictures."

He’s got that kind of utopian life that anyone could wish for, Instagram impeccable. And any life of that kind needs at least a dash of Ibiza in it… We found a few photos scrolling down his feed in Destino and Lío so we figured… “oh! He’s got some great taste -wink wink- let’s ask him a bit more about his island lifestyle and tips”.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ibiza

He’s one of the best actors of his generation. And a genuine fan of Ibiza. Leonardo DiCaprio gets aboard other boats as well as the Titanic, visits more coastlines than those featured in The Beach and attends more parties than The Great Gatsby.



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