Our fantastic swimming pool is a modern- day oasis surrounded by palm trees, large sunbeds and two jacuzzi ́s of considerable size for you to enjoy.

It´s cliff top location, jaw dropping views and Balearic soundtrack offers you a true slice of Ibiza as our pool side scene is world renowned and our location the most ´instagramed´ pool in Ibiza.

Our wonderful team will bring to your lounger the cocktail or meal that you request so you just need to concentrate on the next swim and the toe tapping of your feet whilst being mesmerized by the pool crowd around you or the scintillating sea beyond.


Relax by the pool on one of our various sunbeds and hammocks.

Single bed

Double bed

Circle Sunbed (3 pax)

Canopy Bed (4 pax)

Opium Bed (5 pax)

(Open to day visitors from 12.30pm)

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From morning till sunset, our Pool Menu is available to hotel guests and day visitors. We are proud to present a colorful selection of tropical, zesty flavors from Central America together with our iconic sushi rolls for you to savor on your comfortable day bed.

Poolside Events

Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort offers guests a powerfully curated selection of poolside events. Look forward to special outdoor parties and hot reunions in the most stunning natural surroundings. Expect extravagant evenings feeling the music vibrate within you, close to the DJ under the dome, having a drink or two in the jacuzzi or dancing under the palm trees as the orange sky darkens.



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