Ibiza Bliss

A leaf in the pool.

August 24, 2018

Destino is a paradise of love and light. It’s that place where you check in and indulge in laid-back Ibiza-lifestyle all day long. From the pool, you can look out onto the sparkling sea or watch Ibiza town light up at sunset making you feel you’re in the best place you could be in. Every corner of the resort is special, but there’s one which is truly unique and different: everyone’s favorite, the leaf in the pool! Stretching out on the gigantic leaf and ordering a cocktail is pure bliss. At Destino we’re always seeking the way to work in harmony with nature and Dedon’s sunbed ‘Leaf’ was love at first sight.

Whether you’re a Destino guest or a day visitor, float on a Leaf and let your mind just drift away. Someday, once home, your thoughts will turn to #Ibiza2018 and you’ll wistfully remember it as that summer in the pool, mojitos on the sunbed, your friend’s laughter, fun swimwear and the magic of sunset. Destino is that oasis where you can let go, be happy and where anything can happen.


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