Flamingos Everywhere

Not those inflatable ones you’ve seen all around.

August 28, 2018

It’s not all about clubbing in Ibiza, is it? More and more people come to the White Isle to experience wellness, relaxation and nature. You’ve probably heard about Ses Salines and Es Cavallet beaches. Two of the few long stretches of sand on the island – dunes, pine trees and wonderful turquoise waters; they have a very special natural beauty. The incredible part is the drive through Ses Salines natural park and its famous salt plains to reach them. It’s in these glistening waters that you can spot wild flamingos elegantly congregating.

You can catch a glimpse of them at any time of day and you’ll probably get to see a large number. Sunset is truly magical with incredible orange reflections in the plains and flamingos gathering for their evening roost. From now until beginning of Autumn lots of these graceful creatures, and other species, arrive to spend the winter or to stop before continuing further South to a warmer climate. Take some time to walk around and enjoy this spot of silence and beauty.


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