It’s always time to think about holidays!

Head up North and discover the island’s true laidback vibes

January 11, 2019

It is never too late! Anytime is perfect to think about your 2019’s trip to Ibiza. No need of thinking where to go when you are a true Ibiza Lover because you know your next trip to The While Island will be better than the last one!

Decide what would you like to do while in Ibiza. Below we bring you some ideas to plan the perfect getaway the earliest possible saving time and money!

• Boat or catamaran rental to discover the beauty of this island from the sea side and visit Formentera.

• Excursions and hiking or kayaking tours to some of the most amazing spots around Ibiza.

• Get the perfect seating if you book now at Lío Ibiza to enjoy its stunning Mediterranean views during an spectacular Cabaret show.

• Cheaper flights and bike, car or scooter hire to move around.
Last minute options often means less quality for more cash.

• Stay at Destino Pacha Resort: We always offer discounts on accommodation, guarantee availability and exclusive gifts if you book through this web!


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