Things We Love In Ibiza – August

Where to swim, where to siesta and where to dance

August 16, 2018

August is a busy month in Ibiza and these are some of the things we like to do to escape the crowds and find silence during the day. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to be in Ibiza this month, you’ll also be able to catch some of the best club nights and line ups of the season.



Visually striking, ‘Los Enamorados’ hotel is located by the sea up North, in Portinatx. With wonderful vintage pieces and ethnic touches, the interior design is absolutely stunning. Take a seat outside and enjoy a refreshing aperitif as you watch the glittering sea next to you, an enchanting Mediterranean experience.


Swim & Siesta

Peaceful and off the beaten path, Pou des Lleo (originally Canal d’en Marti) has crystal clear water and is surrounded by red cliffs. Its circular shape makes it a perfect spot to look out from and admire the sea and the fisherman huts on either side. This is a magnificent cala for snorkeling. There’s a small chiringuito on the beach and two restaurants close by which are very popular among locals. Relax, swim, have lunch and enjoy one of our favorite Spanish rituals, la siesta!



‘La Nave Salinas’ showcases contemporary art from Lio Malca’s personal collection in an old warehouse built in 1941 at Salinas Beach. With free admission, each summer season features one artist and this year brings two of videoartist Bill Viola’s (New York, 1951) most renowned works: Fire Woman and Tristan’s Ascensions (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall). Viola uses technology as a vehicle to explore concepts such as birth, life, death and transformation, and La Nave Salinas creates a space for meditation and contemplation.



Pacha is Ibiza and Ibiza is Pacha. You really can’t say you’ve been to the White Isle unless you’ve danced at the club. August brings long-awaited Calvin Harris to Pacha Ibiza for three of the most memorable parties of the season at ‘Tuesdays On Mars’ on the 14th, 21st and 28th of August. Get your tickets here!


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