This way for a Boho Break

Flower Power, outdoor yoga and more.

June 02, 2018

To celebrate love and life, we are offering cherry-lovers a very, very special rate for accommodation at Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort from Mondays to Wednesdays with unlimited morning yoga classes* and free entrance to Flower Power at Pacha!

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Revive the Summer of Love on Mondays at ‘Flower Power’ at Pacha, a magical celebration of the origin of music and party in Ibiza. Dance and sing-a-long to ‘60s and ‘70s masterpieces in this authentic, hippie party where colourful, free-spirited characters come together. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your outfit, mix bright and exotic prints, your flea market finds and wild flowers in your hair. A wonderful option to start the night earlier is to dine at Restaurante Pacha which hosts a special hippie night too. It’s all about peace and love on Mondays!

Find more peace at Destino, an oasis of love and light, where you can relax after a fabulous night out dancing to The Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Not only will you be able to unwind in a marvellous Suite – think natural sunlight streaming in and splendid views of the sea from your bed; you will also get the chance to enjoy a retreat-like stay with all the services on offer. If you are seeking a restoring and rejuvenating experience, Destino is your perfect getaway. There are delightful morning yoga classes under the trees with our experienced and well-travelled yoga instructor, Fernando. Whether you already are a yogi or a beginner, you can commence your day with a slow Yin Yoga, a dynamic Vinyasa Flow or an intense Power Yoga. Cuisine options at Destino offer a vast selection of healthy and hearty smoothies, juices and meals for you to savour and feel replenished. Embrace your inner self with some quiet time as the orange sky darkens at sunset and leave some time during your escape to explore the island’s untouched corners (more about this in our recommendations below).

Ibiza is well known as a clubbing hotspot however the island has been deeply connected to and influenced by the hippie subculture since the sixties. That was the time when bohemians and nomads discovered this fascinating hideaway in the Med; a land of freedom, natural beauty, magic and sun. It is thanks to this era that Ibiza is what it is nowadays, a melting pot of cosmopolitan artists, travellers, musicians and other inspiring characters. There is still much of the laidback vibe today, attracting a spiritually curious and chilled-out community. Just wander off the beaten track to find peace, silence and magnificent rustic areas.


Here are our suggested stops for an authentic Boho Break:



Head to the unspoiled North-East of the island for stunning walks, pristine beaches and modern-hippie vibes.

Benirràs: granular sand and crystal water with an impressive rock rising out of it. Although it’s famous for the ritual Sunday drumming at sunset, it maintains the hippie atmosphere at all times.

Aïgues Blanques: a long stretch of sand by a bouldered cliff with plenty of interesting rock formations in the sea. One end of the beach is nudist and you’ll find people cleansing their skin with the reddish mud from the cliff. Grab a drink and bite at the chiringuito on the other end.

Or South for the myths and magic that emanate from the magnetic limestone rock Es Vedrà.

Atlantis: not exactly a beach, more of an extraordinary rock formation with natural pools. Part of its charm is that it’s quite inaccessible so make sure you carry plenty of water, food and sunscreen.

Cala d’Hort: a sandy beach which provides a marvellous view of the striking Es Vedrà and excellent culinary options at several restaurants.

Back in Ibiza town, stop by the bronze sculpture of a hippie and his daughter (based on famous photograph by Pacha photographer, Toni Riera) at Ibiza Port as you savour a refreshing ice cream. This area of Ibiza town gets dressed up on Monday evenings as a pre-Flower Power experience.


Complement your Boho Break rummaging through artisan crafts and vintage finds at Ibiza’s hippie markets and eclectic shops. The beginning of the week in Ibiza offers these fabulous options:


Las Dalias: escape the crowds that gather on Saturdays, by visiting the Tuesday Nightmarket. You’ll find hand-printed textiles, ethnic accessories, art, juices and dining options under twinkling lights and a fab soundtrack.

Punta Arabí Hippy Market: the oldest and largest, this is where the hippies began to sell handmade items in the seventies. A great place for souvenirs, Adlib flowy dresses and other original accessories.

Vintage shops

Holala!: for unique textile gems. A well-known shop in Ibiza town centre for locals and celebrities alike.

Vicente Ganesha: not only will you find carefully selected caftans and jewellery, but you’ll meet one of Ibiza’s most loved hippie characters, Vicente Hernández.

Dacha Workshop: retro shirts and a wide selection of old and new vinyls. A modern perspective on cool vintage.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo: part of a chain of shops selling vintage threads from the U.S., cheap and by the kilo!

Vintage Icons & Echoes: extravagant items in a bizarre and overflowing shop in Santa Eulalia.


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*Yoga classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am, 11am and 12pm.


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