Fetish Themed Party at Tox

DJ W!LD brings Dailycid XXX to Toc club

September 18, 2019

Taking attendees back to the hedonistic days of Ibiza in a safe and friendly space, the fetish themed party is an exclusive and elegant gathering that invites dancers to go under erotic disguise for one night.  

Making use of the club’s intimate club space for a fun and playful fetish theme.  The special dress code includes ‘bondage, latex, leather, vinyl, and burlesque’ so this is not a party for the faint hearted! The club chamber and its booming sound system is a perfect place for party lovers to be themselves, feel free and have the best time.  

Combining absurd performances and stunning scenery, DAILYCID XXX is for those who like a frisson of sensual excitement and amazing music on their nights out, sound tracked by some of the best names in the industry.  

Joining the billing next to DJ W!LD’s techno, minimal and acid house talents is a strong line up of electronic music artists. Joining him is Lamachewhose influences range from French house to minimal and techno.  2VILAS are a duo who have a love for pure and classic analog sound.

Displaying both technical experience and dexterity at the controls, James McHale will shift through styles and tempo’s keeping his output of techno, minimal and house. From straight up house to banging techno Lost.Act will also take to the decks. 

To all of those lucky enough to attend this wild party, this really will be party to remember. 


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