Destinomakers Guest Artists: APOLLONIA

Apollonia are Marco Carola's first guest artists to MUSIC ON Daytime at Destino

May 29, 2019

Since Apollonia was born in 2012, the Parisian trio has maintained a long-standing association with Ibiza and its party scene. Presenting a back2back2back spectaculaire, Apollonia deejay together for extended sets of five hours or more, following a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of the show.

What is it that makes your performances so special?

Shonky:  We all bring our own unique touch to our sets, even though we have lots in common when it comes to our musical taste. We enjoy what we do and we have a lot of fun playing together. It creates a nice vibe.

Dan: We are connected by the friendship, and three people behind the decks adds a unique visual side to the performance

Dyed: We are having so much fun when we are altogether. Surely, that’s what creates this special atmosphere when we perform as a trio.


The best and the worst about travelling and playing together

Shonky: It’s amazing travelling the world with your best buddies. We are a team and we support each other even when the travel starts to be a pain. Loneliness is the enemy of the DJ but in the case with our setup it’s always nicer to travel.

Dan: It’s the best thing, yeah. You never get bored, you’re always in a party mood. The worst thing… I suppose it’s more difficult to rest.

Dyed: It’s a gift to be able to travel the world with your best friends. The one & only danger is you end up partying all the time!

Current favourite tracks

Shonky: The tracks Dan and Dyed are making. They are doing great things in the studio at the moment.

Dan: KOSH – in a maze (mix1) on Casa Voyageur.


The key to success?

Shonky: Never stop believing in your dreams and working your ass off to make them possible.

Dan : Believe in your dreams.

Dyed : Stay true to yourself.

Apollonia will be at the Music On Destino’s Opening party – May 30th – and also at Music On at Pacha Ibiza on September 26th


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