GHEIST Live In Ibiza


July 15, 2019

Next Thursday 18th of July, Solomun invites the Berlin-based production band GHEIST. 

What is the meaning of GHEIST? Why have you chosen this name?
G(H)EIST is the german word for ghost. We simply took the H out of the english spelling to mix it up a little and make it more interesting. If you choose a name you want it to be a perfect fit in terms of how it looks when it‘s written down, how it sounds if you speak it out and of course how it feels related to your music and its meaning. To us the name GHEIST has everything we want. 

Best and worst thing about travelling and playing together is…
We‘ve been friends now for more than ten years and we always shared the same passion for music and each other. Even before GHEIST we‘ve been working together on different projects and more than that we even shared every possible holiday. It‘s hard to imagine how it would be alone on the road, being alone on stage or waiting alone at the airport fairly hangover.  It‘s also more fun to share any kind of success with each other and easier to be strong if things don‘t work out. To us there are only upsides in being a group.  

What are your strengths individually?
About Lore: His instrument are any kind of keys. He is a very talented producer and songwriter with a great feeling for melodies. Like all of us he‘s aiming for this unique sound that define‘s GHEIST.
About Stefan: His instrument are the turn tables. In terms of production he is very good with arranging our tracks and he always feels if there is something missing or too much going on.
About Filou: His instruments are vocals and guitar. He loves to write melodies and lyrics and is very much into creating a musical identity together as a group.
About Henne: His instrument are the drums. He‘s also a great producer and very talented mixing engineer. He is an important member of GHEIST who will join us playing live in the near future. 

Favourite instrument?
All of us love to be together on stage 😉 

Do you prepare your hybrid sets in advance?
Without preparation we wouldn‘t be as good as we could be. Aiming to be the best possible version of ourselves is something we owe to our passion to music and to our audience. It also keeps things more interesting and inspiring. This being said, it‘s not that we rehearse all the time together we very often prepare stuff individually or simply talk about the shows we play to switch up our set a little and make it more and more the way we feel it‘s supposed to be.  

When was the first time you visited Ibiza? Was it for a gig?
It was in 2002 and my first vacation on the island..    

If you were not in the music industry, what would you be doing?
Stefan would definitely be in the entertainment industry or be the owner of a hotel. He‘s for sure the most organized of all of us ;). Filou would somehow work with people most likely he would be the host at Stefan‘s hotel ;). And Lore would be the chef of the italian restaurant within the hotel, haha. As we said before we don‘t like to do things on our own :). 





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