Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ibiza

May 06, 2018

He’s one of the best actors of his generation. And a genuine fan of Ibiza. Leonardo DiCaprio gets aboard other boats as well as the Titanic, visits more coastlines than those featured in The Beach and attends more parties than The Great Gatsby. Where does he stop off when he visits the white isle? Here’s a route around DiCaprio’s Ibiza.

  1. Hotel Ushuaïa Tower. The actor didn’t want to miss the opening, a few years back, of this hotel and nightclub. And since then, he’s been back a few times too, always opting for the presidential suite, I’m on Top of the World. It’s 170 square metres, with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, a mixing desk and not one but two jacuzzis. Not bad.
  2. Pacha. Solomun +1. The sounds of this legendary DJ have been captivating clubbers for years and DiCaprio is no exception. The actor has attended this party on more than one occasion, although spotting him is no easy task. When he does show up, it’s in a private space and surrounded by friends.
  3. Ses Salines. The celebrity beach par excellence. The Wolf of Wall Street actor shows off his tan, relaxing in a hammock, and enjoys the turquoise waters here. When thirst hits, then it’s easy to come across him at one of the beach bars, such as Malibu.
  4. Blue Marlin. We can’t talk about beach bars (sorry -beach clubs) without mentioning the most famous on the island. Blue Marlin boasts the most select clientele on Ibiza, among them DiCaprio himself. When visiting the island, he never passes on the opportunity to stop by this mythical venue in Cala Jondal.
  5. Amnesia. La Leche. The actor hired a private room at this legendary nightclub to enjoy, along with his friends, the show entitled La Leche, a more fun-loving, outrageous version -if that’s possible- of the famous Matinee session.


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