Massages from our experienced therapists range from the more deeply relaxing such as the Sensory Massage and the Hot Volcanic Stone Massage to the more energetic Deep Tissue and Tui Na. We also offer Indian and Japanese techniques such as Ayurvedic Pinda or Reiki Massage.

If you’d rather have a complete spa experience, choose one of our full body Rituals. These include exfoliations, wraps and massages using wonderful organic jewels from nature. Disconnect from a long day or night at our Wellness Center.


Let us take care of you at Destino Ibiza. Our Ocean Ritual is a complete spa experience which will purify your skin and activate circulation featuring organic beauty treasures from the sea by VOYA.

Your skin will be scrubbed with a refreshing and exfoliating blend of organic peppermint, seaweed and sugar. Feel free to choose a scrub from the wide range of ingredients that Destino Ibiza offers.

The scrub is followed by the organic marine algae wrap covering your body. This is real, hand-picked laminaria algae, unlike anything you may have come across before. Relax as your skin is being deeply purified and detoxified thanks to all the properties from the algae. Once the algae has done its job – its effects are immediate, the therapist will conclude with a relaxing massage. Your skin will be moisturized with VOYA’s indulging ‘Softly Does It” and some drops of essential VOYA oil for you to remember this truly amazing therapy the rest of your day.

Awaken your skin and body, it’s a wonderful pre-holiday experience!


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We all love to explore the island taking long walks at the beach and promenades, or dancing all night. Give your feet a treat at Destino Ibiza with our Reflexology Massage.

This ancient technique effectively relieves tension and relaxes muscles. Focusing on pressure points, the body’s vital organs can be healed. Our Reflexology Massage’s aim is to provide balance and equilibrium.

Feel an overall comfort as you replenish body and soul increasing your energy flow. Liberate stress and fatigue from a long day or night, and allow yourself to magically float and feel in tune with your body.

Get on your dancing shoes!


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At Destino Ibiza we care about the well-being of customers and are proud to offer a Hot Volcanic Stone Massage in our peaceful massage cabins for a complete relaxation experience in idyllic surroundings.

As you lie, face-down, smooth heated stones will be placed on strategic points from your thighs to your neck warming and relaxing the muscles.  You will drift into a state of complete relaxation as the therapist delicately massages with Cardamom Amber oil by Red Flower, giving the skin a natural glow.  Once on your back, the stones will be placed on your abdomen and chest as well as underneath you.  The warmth of the stones and the therapist’s gentle massage will leave you feeling pampered and special.

No need to rush away afterwards… why not sip a healthy detox juice at the poolside as you savour the benefits of the Hot Volcanic Stone Massage?


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