Marco Carola

italian techno | minimal techno | techno
Marco Carola is one of the greatest exponents of the techno and tech-house scene internationally. Original from Naples (Italy), he was one of the firsts in bringing techno music to clubs. The 90s saw how that generation of new DJs stepped forward, leaving the usual italo-disco and house sounds and preferring more accelerated, aggressive and industrial styles. Over the years and with the entry into the 2000s, Marco has been moving to tech-house, creating the famous party Music On, one of the most important of the last decade in Ibiza and in which people like Richie Hawtin or Loco Dice collaborated. Marco Carola was born on February 7th, 1975 in Naples. As it happens with almost all the great artists of the scene, he didn’t need so much time to start frequenting the clubs of his city and feeling interested in electronic dance music, collecting vinyls and studying percussion sounds. In fact, at age 13 he already got his first drum, an instrument that soon replaced with his first gadgets: two decks and a mixer. At the beginning of the 90s, along with other friendly artists such as Davide Squillace, Random Noize or Gaetano Parisio, Marco gave it all for underground electronica and, specifically, for techno. He became a reference and one of the most visible faces of the genre in his native Naples. Not happy with that, he also embarked on the path of production, where he could experience much more with the different sounds, something that allowed him to release an album in the respected label of the acclaimed Masters At Work. Marco Carola was so focused on his facet as a producer and he decided to found his own record labels. He created first Design Music, where he released a big majority of his techno tracks, but also a mix of other Neapolitan artists’ sounds. A short time later, One Thousand Records, to which he destined new genres and styles with which he dared in his increasingly numerous gigs. Later, also Zenit and Question were born, while Marco travelled around the world and settled in his new city of residence: London. That's where he achieved his best results as a producer, even playing with breaks and 100% organic music. Everyone agrees that it was in 2004 when Carola gave the most radical turn to his musical career. A more minimalist electronic music caught his attention. Marco went back to Naples. There, he was able to redirect his performances towards the smaller clubs and the longer DJ sets with vinyls, what gave him the opportunity to experiment with his new preferences. Despite the change of style, Marco's fame grew unstoppable and, in 2007, he released his first EP on Plus 8, sub-label of M-nus, owned by Richie Hawtin. There, the relationship between Carola and M-nus was born, a relationship that lasts to date, having seen multiple released in the main label, but also in Plus 8 and, of course, in M2, the other sub-label of the brand, directed by Carola himself. The highest point of this story came in 2011 when the revered album Play It Loud came out and took Marco around the world, performing in big festivals such as The BPM, Ultra Miami or Coachella. That was when Music On, the icon of Marco Carola, was born. With residencies in New York and, specially, in Ibiza, Music On and Carola have walked hand to hand to the top of the clubbing scene worldwide. Hosted for many years in the legendary Amnesia Ibiza, but also organizing events and parties around the world, Music On is currently the biggest reference in tech-house music. Their closing parties are the most reclaimed in the closing weeks in Ibiza and his clothing line, with their necklaces included, are now a real trend in the White Island night. Furthermore, Music On has been a platform for many emerging artists that Carola wanted to boost, giving them a first-class visibility. Currently, we could say that Music On and Marco Carola are one. We don’t expect Marco and his team to slow down the pace. A lot of upcoming gigs make us be sure that Music On will stay on the top for many years. Their union is their motto: "It's all about the music."